Dual X Rail Upgrade Available

You can now order the eShapeOko with a dual X rail!  All the V-wheels, eccentric spacers, bolts, washers and nylon spacers needed to build either the standard single X or the dual X will be included in the kit, as well as two pieces of MakerSlide for the X axis instead of one.  If you already have some MakerSlide, or if you plan to build a wider machine (so a 375mm piece of MakerSlide would not be useful to you anyway), you can get everything for the dual X except the extra piece of MakerSlide, and save £5.

The two rails can be bolted together, but you need your own fixings for that.  It doesn’t make much of a difference at the stock X length, but it can be useful if you are building a wider machine.

If you have already paid for your eShapeOko kit but you’d like to add the dual X upgrade, please email us (there’s a link at the bottom of every page in the store).

The updated BOM is up.

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