MakerSlide Production On Track

Here’s a piece of good news.  The first lot of eShapeOko kits includes American-made MakerSlide, brought to the UK at great expense.  (For those familiar with the assembly issues of ShapeOko Inventables batch 3, don’t worry: our plates have holes large enough to work with the MakerSlide tolerances.)  As you know, Harry Raley bravely endeavoured to produce MakerSlide in the UK, and launched this successful Ulule campaign.  He had an extrusion die made, which arrived at the aluminium extrusion company yesterday, and they did a test run earlier today.  The resulting samples are on their way to us.  So we’re on schedule on this front.

We have a new shipment of V-wheels coming, and they will be here before the MakerSlide, so that’s also on track.  The laser-cut parts we have already (except for the spindle mount, of which we have no news…).  Everything else is already in stock, or on its way to us, so hopefully there will be no delays with the November shipments.

Also, thank you for all the useful suggestions we received about the belt clamps.  Keep them coming.  Lots of good ideas (some of which we had thought of, some new and intriguing).  We can produce absolutely marvelous belt clamps, I assure you; the difficulty is in staying this side of £20 for one…

2 thoughts on “MakerSlide Production On Track

  1. Yes, absolutely! As soon as the Ulule rewards are sent out, our store will offer MakerSlide, V-wheels and eccentric spacers. We’re still not decided about the standard MakerSlide carriage plate: we figured there wouldn’t be great demand for it, but then several people said they wanted it, so we’re thinking of having a small lot made. If you need anything else (bolts, nuts, washers and so on), let us know!

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