Kits Shipping Today

Sorry for the lack of updates.

The spindle mounts arrived, and they are good. They are ugly and a little heavier than the ones in the Inventables kit, but they do their job. They are mild steel, not aluminium or stainless steel, so they will need to be painted or at least greased a little, or they’ll rust (not right away, but eventually). I’m still looking for a better solution (especially given how long these took to make…).

We have a small pile of boxes (with kits in them!) waiting to be shipped. We’re in the process of printing postage labels. You will get individual emails with the tracking numbers later tonight.

For the second lot, which was waiting for the toothed belt pulleys, I have mixed news. The pulleys were supposed to arrive this week, but when I called the supplier, they said that their supplier did not have any in stock. They are manufacturing some, but they’ll take about three more weeks. The good news is that I have that box of crappy Chinese pulleys, and I’m going to use the best of those to complete the second lot of kits. When the good pulleys arrive, we’ll send them to you, free of charge, to replace the temporary ones. This way, you can play with your machine right away, and when you get the good pulleys, you’ll have three extras (useful, for example, as Christmas tree ornaments).

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