Batch Three Update: Spindle Mounts Arrived

The laser-cut parts arrived last week.  The laser-cut and machined spindle mounts (EM-LTM) have just arrived.  I’ve checked them: they’re good.  We have MakerSlide on hand for about a third of this batch, and Harry Raley has the rest.  He’s going to ship it to us soon, I’ll cut it, and in the boxes it goes!  Everything else is here, and we’ve been working to count and pack the little bits while waiting for the spindle mounts and rail.

I need to get more PCBs for the shield from Reactive Substance!

6 thoughts on “Batch Three Update: Spindle Mounts Arrived

  1. nice to read! do you think shipping for batch three orders next week is realistic? 🙂 I have semester break and want to build stuff with your great maschine. So still thanks for making this all happen for european people!

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