eShapeOko Kits Back On Sale

The eShapeOko kits are back on sale, with delivery by the end of March (hopefully sooner than that, but no promises).  There’s a new option: the “open” end plates, very similar to Edward Ford’s “new end plates”.  They will be available separately too, as soon as I manage to get a few pictures and write some instructions.

We’ve had a problem with the store, where registration did not work.  It should be fixed now.

We’re working to pack and send the third batch (the MakerSlide is finally on its way to us — sorry for the delay), and the fourth batch looks on time for the beginning of March.

We’re slowly getting better at this, but I might end up writing some form of stock keeping application myself anyway.  Several of the products share parts, which means simple software that thinks, for example, that we have a number of stepper shield bare PCBs and another number of stepper shield kits doesn’t really work.  What we really have is a number of PCBs and a number of baggies of parts, and when someone buys a kit, they get a PCB and a bag of parts, reducing the stock of bare PCBs available.  And that’s a simple example: it gets more complicated with V-wheels, idlers, bearings, MakerSlide, eShapeOko kits with options, open end plates and so on.

By the way, more stepper shields are on their way from Reactive Substance and should be here in a few days.

3 thoughts on “eShapeOko Kits Back On Sale

    • We’re accepting orders for the fifth batch, which is going to be larger than the first four combined, in the hope that it might not sell out before we actually have all the parts, like it happened with our first four batches. We really want to have this kit in stock, ready to go the day it’s ordered.

      We have MakerSlide (some on hand, some on its way from Harry Raley) for the third batch, which we should have shipped by the end of January (sorry!). For the batch after that, which is due in March, and the orders we’re taking now, also due in March, the MakerSlide is ordered and paid for, and the aluminium extrusion company are working on it.

  1. You probably couldn’t anticipate the run on these things beforehand.. I know that running a business can be a real headache! You handled all my questions perfectly and i bet others will say the same. I don’t mind the extra waiting, it beats getting it from the USA 🙂
    Thanks for being awesome!

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