9 thoughts on “eShapeOko Batch Three Update

  1. Today I picked up some tools in the waiting for my eShapeoko, taping tools and other small bits and pieces 🙂

    Now I just have to wait until I receive my kit in the end of mars …. ohhh the waiting time is horrible!

      • That list is close enough. You need: 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2mm Allen keys, and either a 1.5mm Allen key for the pulleys, or the 1/16″ Allen key included in the kit. (I thought it would be bad form to have builders from continental Europe hunt around for imperial tools, so if you get pulleys with imperial grub screws, the tool is included.) You need an 8mm spanner (wrench) for the M5 nuts, and two 13mm spanners (or adjustable wrenches, a vise and a wrench, etc) for the two M8 nuts. You need a #2 Pozi screwdriver (for the wood screws to attach the machine to the waste board), a very fine metal file or sandpaper (200 to 600 grit should be fine) to deburr the MakerSlide ends, an M5x0.8mm tap (spiral flute recommended) and a tap handle (if using a spiral flute tap, you can use a cordless drill, very slowly and carefully), some sort of lubrication (cutting/tapping oil would be ideal, but pretty much anything, including baby oil, will do), and I think that’s it. A digital caliper, a steel ruler and a square are good to have anyway, and helpful when squaring and calibrating the machine. If you got the version with the zip ties for belt attachment, you’ll need a pair of dikes (diagonal cutters); more recent vintages have belt clamps with M5 screws and nuts.

        I should really post this on the wiki, shouldn’t I?

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