New Open End Plates for eShapeOko (and ShapeOko)

eShapeOko dual Y with LXPWe now have the new end plates that allow the eShapeOko to be extended in the X direction.  As an important bonus, the machine is now open to the front and the rear, so you can machine long objects even on a small machine.

This image shows how they are used.  You can now stretch the machine by lengthening the X MakerSlide, the X belt, and the two connecting members for the new plates.  The part number for the new end plate is EM-LXP.  As you can see, it’s not identical to Edward’s new end plate.  It has the two eShapeOko belt anchor slots, plus one for the belts-on-top configuration currently used on the X axis.

4 thoughts on “New Open End Plates for eShapeOko (and ShapeOko)

  1. niccccceeee

    Like we talked, would love to see these instead of the normal plates in my order 😉

    the shop is getting really nice filled with cool stuff 😉

  2. The other benefit of course, if not extending the X length, is that you can place larger stock material in the machine for tasks such as engraving on panels skateboards…

    Been watching the eShapeoko since before Christmas, finally ordered one!

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