More News for Batch Five

I have quality problems with the MXL belt.  I’ve ordered more from a reliable (but more expensive) supplier, and it should be here in a few days.  A few kits have shipped already (with good belt), and a few more are packed and waiting for couriers to pick them up.  Most still need the belt, so they will be delayed a few more days.  I’m sorry for this.

I still need to contact a few buyers to check whether they wanted larger kits, or NEMA23 upgrades.  If you’ve ordered extra belt or NEMA23 motors with your eShapeOko kit, expect an email soon.

3 thoughts on “More News for Batch Five

  1. Will we get an e-mail when our order is shipped, or will it update on your site?

    Sorry to hear about the Quality issues, I’ve had that before and it has bitten me quite harshley.


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