Half of Batch Five eShapeOko Kits Have Shipped

About half of the orders in Batch Five have now shipped.  Some have already arrived.  They’re not in the order in which they have been purchased, but in the order which made packing easier.  More than half of the remaining kits will ship on Monday.

The belt should be here soon too.

6 thoughts on “Half of Batch Five eShapeOko Kits Have Shipped

  1. I’ve also recieved my e-mail. Shame I’m not in the accept the delivery….

    You really are burning the midnight oil, with all these ‘early’ morning e-mail updates.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. My Kit has finally arrived! Thank you very much.

    Is it normal for the end plates to be bent? When I lay them on a table, I get around 7mm clearance on one, and 5 on the other.

    Otherwise everything else looks really well package 🙂


  3. Hello all,

    I got mine yesterday and I’m so excited to finish it and see it make its first moves 🙂

    Nice service btw! Thank you for the NEMA23 upgrade parts.
    It’s very much fun to assemble the kit since everything fits really well together.
    Really nice work!!!
    I’m one happy man :p

    Kind regards

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