Chicago Pumping Station One CNC Night

I’m in Chicago for a few more days, and I stopped by the Pumping Station: One hackerspace, where I met Bart Dring, inventor or MakerSlide.  There’s a picture on the forum at  Bart is the second from the left, and his Quantum Delta 3-D printer is on the table.  That hackerspace is really nice.  It makes me wish I stayed in Chicago seven years ago.  But then again, if I hadn’t moved back to the UK, there would not have been an eShapeOko.

My spellchecker does not like “hackerspace”.  It suggests “hyperspace” (interesting, but no), “backspace” (no) and “Rackspace” (hmm… no).  It also objects to Dring, MakerSlide, and eShapeOko.  Shut up, spellchecker.

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