The eShapeOko kits are back! (Well, sort of.)

The eShapeOko kits are back in stock!

However, due to unexpected circumstances, I won’t be able to pack and ship them until the week of 26 August.  There’s no hurry to order them; this is a big batch and won’t run out any time soon.  Don’t be alarmed if they’re briefly out of stock: this is just because the inventory management that comes with the store is not able to deal with the complexities of custom kits with shared components, so I have to put them on sale in small quantities and track inventory by hand (ugh).  If they show out of stock, they’ll be back in a day or two.

We also have Pololu drivers and a few other new goodies in the shop, and still adding stuff.  Emergency buttons, for instance, are coming soon.



I have spoken too soon.  For some reason, the eShapeOko kits are still shown as “out of stock”.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  Stupid store software!


They should work now.  It’s either a bug, or I don’t understand how a certain feature works.  I was trying to prevent people from ordering single-X rail with aluminium spacers (it makes no sense, and I don’t have the right spacers for it anyway) by declaring that particular combination out of stock.  However, the store interpreted that creatively and made the whole thing out of stock.  It should be fixed now.

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    • Not yet in stock as a kit. All parts are in stock, they just need to be counted and packed. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do that for the next two weeks (long story, won’t happen again, sorry).

          • Honestly, I understand that 😀

            Just Ordered!

            One more side note, the shipping cost you indicate at the checkout step is VAT excluded. There is nothing wrong with that, but requires more neural work to understand how the numbers add up.

            Thanks for managing this project.

          • Thank you very much for your order.

            There are many things I don’t like about the store, and that is one of them. I exerted some neural work about it, but I’m afraid I didn’t find a way to change it using the available settings. I think I need bigger neurons.

      • cann u help me please ?
        i would like to buy a eShapeOko Mechanical Kit with Open End with some extra wishes , it is availaible but when i would like to add it to my Basket , it change and became a not available article !
        how can i solve it ?
        Product Code: ES002

        • There is one way that that can happen: if you order the single X rail with the aluminium spacers. That’s not a valid combination. Everything else should work. If it still doesn’t, email me please with the combination of options that doesn’t work (use the “contact us” form at the bottom of any page in the store).

  1. I have one question about dimensions.
    I plan to build an acrylic cover for the machine, to catch dust I’ll make during operations.
    And I need to know the dimensions to order the sheets, and before that, I need a mounting table, that will also act as the bottom side of the acrylic box.

    I think that 55 cm are enough for the Y axis dimension, is that correct?

    But what is the total width of the machine on the X axis dimension? The makerslide is 375mm and the motors spacers are 1inch, but I don’t know the length of the nema23 motors. To sum it up, what is the overall size in the X dimension?

    Said differently, can I fit the whole machine hardware (incl nema23 motors) on a 55×50 table, or do I need a bigger size?

    • You need more than that. How much more depends on how you mount your X motor. The rear X motor plate overhangs the rear end plate by about 5 mm when the gantry is all the way back. Add the length of the motor and any spacers — a NEMA23 can be mounted almost flush (3 mm spacers) or on 1″ spacers. Our NEMA23 motors are 51 mm long, so in the worst case the total length of the machine is, starting from the front:

      • 5 mm bolt heads
      • 1 mm washers
      • 4 mm open end plate
      • 500 mm Y rail (see note below)
      • 4 mm open end plate
      • 5 mm X carriage overhang
      • 25 mm spacers
      • 51 mm motor

      Total: 595 mm, and you probably want a little clearance at both ends, so let’s say 600 mm. If you mount the X motor almost flush, you save 22 mm.

      On the X direction, you have:

      • 51 mm left Y motor
      • 25 mm spacers
      • 2 mm motor mount plate
      • 375 mm X rail
      • 2 mm motor mount plate
      • 25 mm spacers
      • 51 mm right Y motor

      Total: 531 mm. You need a little clearance on each side too, so 540 mm would be the bare minimum.

      Note: when the 495 mm pieces of MakerSlide run out, I’m going to switch to 500 mm, so you may get either — that’s why I put 500 mm in the calculation.

      • Many thanks for this calculations !

        I’ll order a 600×550 mm board!

        I like the 60cm dimension, because that means I can use a standard pre-cut board from a hardware store.

        best regards

  2. Hi,
    Do you plan on selling Ord Hadron components any time soon ?
    I keep checking back as you did mention it a while back.
    I think you are missing out on a great opportunity. it looks like you have
    access to laser cutters so supplying the panels should be easy.
    It a real pain to have to import components when yourselves already have some of the components to make a Hadron 🙂



    • I think we have missed that opportunity already. RepRapDiscount sell ORD Bots, their price is decent, and I hear they’re good quality too. We can’t really compete on price with Chinese manufacturers. They already do a good job of supplying them worldwide, so I don’t think there’s any hole in the market to fill.

      As for laser cutting, that’s done by a local fabricator, not by us, and they do laser cutting only. One of the components of the Hadron is bent, and all plates are anodized, which would mean two more companies involved. Our time dedicated to this enterprise is very limited, so we’d like to avoid complicated logistics.

      Lastly, instead of competing directly with existing vendors, we’d rather focus on improving the eShapeOko, putting together a complete kit (which has proven surprisingly difficult, but we’re getting there), offering useful components that work with MakerSlide, and designing new machines.

    • Luckily, Edward Ford did all the hard work. I just took his design, read through the forum and selected what seemed the most requested features and upgrades, plus a few changes of my own, and that was it! The rest was logistics.

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