Stock of accessories

The eShapeOko kits have been a great success so far.  Thank you.  This time I estimated the demand correctly, so the stocks aren’t going to run out any time soon.

However, some of the accessories have run out: the spiral-flute taps for MakerSlide, the power supplies, and the copper heatsinks for the drivers.  I’m getting more of them.  I’m also getting a cage-style power supply, heftier than the 120 W laptop-style brick, but those will take a while to arrive.  The stepper shields are running out too, so I’m going to put the beta version of my own design on sale in a few days (I have to write assembly instructions for it first), and try to get the “release” version of the PCBs made soon.

2 thoughts on “Stock of accessories

  1. Please also stock motor end plates. That’s the only thing holding me back from doing the dual X axis mod on my ShapeOko. If I need to drill holes myself for the second rail, it will most certainly not line up…

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