Motor Plate

EM-LMP rev 4I have a new design for the eShapeOko motor plate (EM-LMP).  Four of them are used in a machine, two for the gantry ends (which run on the Y rails), and two for the front and rear of the X carriage.  The new design has a second NEMA23 hole pattern, higher up and rotated 45°.  It improves the contact between the belt and the pulley for a flush-mounted motor.

More importantly, the new motor plate has holes compatible with both the standard acetal V-wheels and the smaller steel V-groove bearings.

I’m going to get my hands on the prototypes on Monday or Tuesday, and test them.  They are the missing component for an eShapeOko with hardcoat anodized MakerSlide.  If I did not make any stupid mistakes, I’ll start selling the bare plates in the store in about a week, and the “black edition” eShapeOko a little later.

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