Bad news, bad news, good news, and bad news

No word about those spacers yet.  They did say “around the 16th”.  I’m going to chase them up in the morning.

Several things conspired to eat almost all my eShapeOko time: I had to run around to take the little helper to a doctor on Sunday, he couldn’t go to nursery on Monday and Tuesday (he’s sick, thankfully nothing serious), and there was a bug in production software at my day job (I’m a software developer) which had to be fixed now (and when that happens, there’s no time for leisure activities slash fledgling business).

So, no kits packed yet, but very close on 130807 and 130808.  I am really, really sorry for the stupidly long wait.

One small piece of good news: we have enough spacers for orders up to 130815.

Back to bad news: there’s more damaged MakerSlide in this batch than I had estimated.  I took the eShapeOko kits and the MakerSlide down (marked them “out of stock” in the shop) until I can go through the whole lot and check every piece.  I’m pretty sure there’s enough for all outstanding orders: I just don’t want to risk selling more than we actually have.

Oh, and I caught up with non-eShapeOko orders up to the beginning of last week, meaning we’re now only, err, ten days behind.  Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Bad news, bad news, good news, and bad news

  1. So I ordered an expanded kit on 130910. Is there any way to get a status of something like “54 kits have been ordered since 130808”? Just trying to understand where I would be in the queue. I am perfectly okay being patient to get such a good product! Besides, I ordered and am building out the electronics and am getting all of that and the work space for the eShapeoko set up in the interim. Still need to learn the process before the machine arrives to be built.

    Good luck and keep up the hard work!

    • You are actually almost spot on: I think the number is just under 50 (I haven’t had a chance to put the last week of orders in the spreadsheet with the serial numbers yet). It seems that it takes me about an hour to pack one kit, and that’s with the little bits already picked, counted and packed in bags (which my wife and I have been doing over the last few weeks). Clearly, I need to improve this, but no idea how at the moment.

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