Stepper Motors with Leadscrews

Tr8x2_motorsLook what the postman brought me the other day: nice solid stepper motors with Tr 8 × 2 leadscrews.  Perfect for the Z axis of the eShapeOko or Shapeoko. The motors seem good and the leadscrews are very, very nice.  Tr 8 × 2 is just right for this application, unlike the four-start Tr 8 × 8(P2) available from RobotDigg, which does not have enough mechanical advantage and is too easy to backdrive.

Too bad the acetal (Delrin) lead nut on these is crap.  Oh well.  I really don’t have time to search for good nuts, so this upgrade will have to wait.

While I was writing this, the UPS guy came and collected the kits I had finished packing last night (except one already dropped off with Hermes, and one waiting for ParcelForce).

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