Status Update

The last of 130807 and 130808 orders are out, just collected by UPS.

We’re working on 130809 through 130814.  We have the rail packed for all of them, all the little bits bagged, and additional items, if any, picked but still in plastic bins.  I’ll finish as many as I can tonight.

The spacers have arrived earlier today, so we’re going to pack the few remaining baggies of components for 130815 onwards as soon as we can.

6 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. With regards to the status update –
    What’s the status of the makerslide?
    And would you at any point carry the laser 2.x sizings? (560mm and 700mm) maybe as a kit with 2 560mm and a single 700mm peice?

    • I won’t know about the MakerSlide until after I have all the MakerSlide for the eShapeOko kits picked.

      I have many of sizes as it is. There are costs, minimum quantities and inventory management issues for each new length, and I think I’m already on the “too many lengths” side of that balance. If you’re building the laser, I think you can afford to cut down three 750 mm pieces. 🙂

      • Thanks for the quick reply!
        I get your point with too many sizes. ‘but if you never ask you can never know’, right 🙂
        I already had planned to order the 750mm pieces along with all the other bits and bobs. I’ll keep an eye on the site when you’re ready to take more orders.

        Oh – sidenote: I just found this blog today. Now it makes so much more sense why updates are not done so fast. Keep up the good work – It’s much appreciated!

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