Caught up with non-eShapeOko orders

I’ve just finished packing all non-eShapeOko orders, and almost all of them (see below) have address labels or are booked for collection by the courier tomorrow.

I promise I’ll handle new orders on time from now on.

If you are in the UK and you ordered MakerSlide up to 1 m long, or the 1 m camera slider kit, your order will be sent by Hermes.  The Hermes website is down for maintenance, so I’m going to book those tomorrow.

The night is still young, so I’m off to pack a few eShapeOko kits.

4 thoughts on “Caught up with non-eShapeOko orders

  1. Great !
    I didn’t put any order yet, but with all this work, did you have the time to test the anodized version of the eShapeoko ?
    I’m waiting for your feedback before to order one… 😉
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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