GAUPS 1.0 Arduino-compatible Stepper Motor Driver Shield

GAUPS 1.0 stepper shield PCB (top)For once, something arrives earlier than expected form a supplier!  These lovely things landed today (I wasn’t expecting them until next week at the earliest).  With uncharacteristic swiftness, I made them available in the store.  I even wrote assembly instructions for them!

They’re my own design, so I’m a little excited. Two exclamation marks in a single post! Three, with the last one! OK, now four! Circular reference! (I’ll stop now.)

GAUPS 1.0 stepper shield PCB bottomThe best thing about the board is that, while the component layout is almost the same as that of the stepper shield, it is a new design from the ground up, carefully routed by hand, with an almost uninterrupted ground plane.

I think the DIP switches are a nice touch, too.

Here it is, assembled:

GAUPS 1.0 stepper shield assembled

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