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I have just discovered that I have a couple dozen unread email messages that got misfiled (into a folder with offers from Lidl and Aldi). Several are support questions, requests for information and custom orders. I think this was the little helper’s doing. I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

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  1. Hi,

    I think I’m one of them, lol … I asked you about a kit without motor (and related parts) for a super simple and cheap camera slider…. It would be amazing.

    Thanks for your status report…

    Jose Inesta.

  2. I think I’m in your Trash/ Spam or Aldi Folder. But I hope that I’m still in your “to do” or “Done” List. Could you check my request? It’s becoming really urgent for us to have good news from you.
    Thanks in advance for your work and honesty about the situation.

    • Still no answer to my last emails and no news from your promises.
      I don’t know what to answer to my Friends who invest on this project and put me now lots of pressure.

      Please answer quikly to my mails and take action as you promice me.

      Thanks in advance.


  3. Guys I need a reply about my order. I can’t wait that long without any answer. It’s been more than two weeks since your last message. Please contact me instead of deleting my comments.

    • We’re not deleting comments, but to prevent spam, the first few comments of each user go into the moderation queue, rather than showing up automatically.

      Please email me with your order number and I’ll look into it. There shouldn’t be any outstanding orders that old!

      • Sorry I wasn’t aware of moderation. I made a custom order, so I didn’t get such a number, but you promised to process it on the evening two weeks ago. All emails were sent from the same address I made account on your blog. I can resend BOM if necessary.

  4. I have sent a few emails now, all of which have remained unanswered. Is there a problem with your email address, and if so where should I send emails to?


  5. It’s been over 2 months since I’ve last heard anything. I needed a manual invoice created since it’s being shipped to Ireland. Any chance you can have a look for my email? I’m getting desperate…


  6. I just felt that, after seeing all the posts about emails not answered, your emails do have to have ended up in some spam folder or something. Because Catalin is really quick to reply! I’ve sent him four emails about the eShapeOko over the last month and I have recieved answers within a day every time, most of the time within 2 hours.

    I just wanted to calm you guys down so you don’t think he’s deliberately ignoring emails, and give Catalin a pat on the back for the (according to me excellent) support he provides.


    • This is a bit out of context here (and, needless to say, uncalled for), so here’s a bit of background. Art has asked, a long time ago, for an eShapeOko kit with steel wheels. At the time, I told him that, although I had redesigned the motor plates to work with the steel V-wheels, it was not a simple matter of replacing some parts, because many distances were different and there could be clearance issues. I had to model it and do a clean room build to create a BOM for it. I said it would be my next project, after I had shipped all eShapeOko kits. I had estimated that that would take a week back then — a wildly wrong estimate. Today I told him that I could not work on the steel V-wheel eShapeOko until I solved more important issues, such as having more MakerSlide made. The quote is from this response I gave him today:

      Unfortunately, I have to prioritize. Designing a steel V-wheel eShapeOko is fun, but not a high priority; fulfilling existing orders was (thankfully done, at long last), and getting MakerSlide back in stock still is, because most of my business depends on that, steel wheels or plastic. I’m sorry that you’re among the few people I have no choice but to disappoint; I’d rather disappoint a few, than a few hundred. Please consider the steel V-wheel eShapeOko shelved for now.

      However, if you design your own using existing eShapeOko parts, I can supply the parts. I can help by sending you the model of the standard machine, drawings for all the laser-cut parts, and dimensions for any parts not included in the model (e.g., the steel wheels, aluminium spacers).

    • This is totally uncalled for! Catalin has given you and others appropriate answers and has been fully up front about what happened. This language is really unsuitable considering the immense pressure that Catalin has been under.

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