4 thoughts on “MakerSlide Update

  1. What about the option without makerslide?
    Why do we even have to wait for it. You said that there will be that option, and that was 2 weeks ago.

    Im sorry but if you dont want my business please say so, not maste my time for OVER 3 months, so I can make my purchase elsewhere.

    • It’s not a matter of wanting or not wanting your business. As you know, this is a hobby for me, something I do in my spare time. Between work, family, physiotherapy, chasing down MakerSlide suppliers and so on, sometimes I’m left with no time for this. I’m more than happy to send you the drawings so that you can find a local fabricator to make them for you!

      In this instance, however, the delay comes from the Z-axis threaded rod being backordered at the supplier.

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