MakerSlide Update

It continues to amaze me how trivial the things that derail a schedule can be.  The plastic sleeve for packaging MakerSlide was out of stock, and arrived at the factory only last Friday.  The whole batch of MakerSlide sat in the warehouse, uncut, for more than a week, waiting for packaging material to arrive.  To reduce the risk of damage, the cut parts must go from the saw straight into the sleeves — so no sleeve, no cutting (that’s actually a good thing).  However, there are several other suppliers of the same type of sleeve, and we decided on the packaging material months ago, so one can’t help but wonder why we had to wait.

8 thoughts on “MakerSlide Update

  1. The supply chain (and the supply chain management) can be some tricky business to deal with!
    On the bright side it now sounds as they can ship the cut pieces?

    Very much looking forward to place my order 🙂

    • Unfortunately, £78. I’ll have 1.5 m lengths this time, not 1.4 m, but that doesn’t make a difference to shipping. The rail weighs just under 7 kg, so I quoted for a 7.5 kg package 204 cm long. I got only one result, from UPS. If you find a cheaper way, I’m happy to use it.

      • Ouch! Thank you for your fast reply, I was kind of expecting somewhere up there given the size and weight. I’ll have to have a think about it and weigh up the value in expanding the build platform. Thanks again.

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