MakerSlide Update

The MakerSlide delivery arrived today. The pallets did not fit the way I expected, so I had to unload practically all of it to get it inside. This being England, of course it began raining minutes after I had removed the wrapping (and the rain stopped about the same time I finished, of course).

I haven’t had a chance to look at it carefully yet, but I’m doing that later tonight. Barring major problems, it should be in the shop tomorrow night at the latest.

12 thoughts on “MakerSlide Update

  1. Hi There….

    Sent you a load of emails re a kit. I am sure your busy, so I wont hassle you to much but I would love to know when you think it would be possible to get one. I am in a bit of a rush for my current project!

    I need everything and all the upgrades available.


      • I really am very keen indeed. I have read just about everything there is to read on your kit and I am ready to order as soon as you have all the parts. How long am I looking at?.

    • The store is open. If you are referring to MakerSlide, it has arrived from the supplier, but I had a number of urgent problem to attend to, so I haven’t had a chance to check it and to fix the shipping calculator in the store. I’ll give another update later tonight.

    • Hehe. Checking the site tons oft times per Day since months. Waiting impatiently to buy my Choose-your-size eShapeoko kit.
      The saved up Money allready burning Holes in my Pockets ^^ *g* since these are no more Preorders. But its better to buy it when it is in stock anyway. And shipping to Germany will take some time too.

      • The guys behind this are hero’s; all this heavy lifting to get this business up and running for such a reasonable price.

        Germany should be fine, three days perhaps. Depends who is transporting. I’ve heard that are very cheap and reliable.

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