eShapeoko Kits Available to Order

eShapeOko with open end platesAs of a few minutes ago, you can order the eShapeoko kits in the store: original (one size only), and open end plates (configurable size).  We’ll see how it goes, but I think it may take us between one and three weeks to ship your orders.  We’ll do our best to make it as quick as possible, and to keep you up to date with the progress of your order.

Have you noticed the trapezoidal screw upgrade?  It uses a Tr 8 x 2 screw (“metric Acme”) instead of the old M8 threaded rod.  The leadscrew is supported only at one end, just like the M8 rod was, but I’ll make a thingamajig with a bearing in it (that’s the technical term — actually, it’s called a pillow block, but how’s that any better?) to support the other end too, if you want to be able drive it even faster.

eShapeOko with original end platesOnce we catch up with the orders (one can only hope), I’ll make the trapezoidal leadscrew available as an upgrade.  It also works with the Shapeoko 2, and it can be made to work with the Shapeoko 1 too, if there’s interest (you need a few extra parts).

Another new option is the “deluxe frame”.  Instead of just two pieces of T-slot aluminium extrusion to connect the end plates, you get four of them and the hardware to tie them together to make a sturdy rectangle.  The end plates attach to the outside of the transversal members, just as before, and the mid-span supports to the inside of the longitudinal ones (illustrations and assembly instructions to follow).

5 thoughts on “eShapeoko Kits Available to Order

  1. Finally…..after sooo mich waiting i was able to Place my order ( at 1:24 / 2:24 my time )
    Really appreciate your hard work to let us order this kit in Europe.
    Cant wait to Start building

  2. Trying to find more information about the trapezoidal leadscrew. I guess it moves the axis 60% faster and it can withstand faster feed rate too, is this correct? Also I guess it makes the whole system more reliable. I’m using Z a lot and the motor gets quite hot so I guess this upgrade would make a lot of sense. A blog post about it would be great!

    There’s no upgrade kit available, although the nut is. Would it be possible to buy it?

    • The current solution, where the leadscrew is glued to the bearing using high-performance epoxy, works well, but it’s a bit of a pain for me to make. I have designed a better solution, and I’ll post about that when it’s ready. Once I’ve integrated that into the eShapeoko kit, I’ll offer it for sale separately too.

      The leadscrew has less friction than the M8 threaded rod, so it needs less force to drive under the same load, even though it moves faster.

      The motors do not get hotter if the load is higher. Heating is a function of the coil current and of how the drivers manage this current when the motors are idle. If you have DRV8825 or A4988 Pololu drivers, they keep using the same current all the time, so the motors get hot whether moving or stationary. However, if you use the trapezoidal leadscrew, you can go much faster for the same current, or you can reduce the current (and motor heating) and still be able to do what you used to do with the M8 threaded rod.

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