eShapeoko Kits Update

I’m sorry to report that we’ll be one week late.  Among other things, we had some difficulties with the F608 bearings for the trapezoidal screws.  Some of the bearings were from a different lot, and they had a lot of play.  I got hold of good ones for about half of the orders, and more are on their way.

8 thoughts on “eShapeoko Kits Update

    • No to both — sorry. We have seven stock lengths already (250, 375, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm), which cause enough problems as they are; I don’t really want to compound on it by adding more lengths. 2 m is already difficult to handle, store, pack and ship. Longer than 2 m would be even more difficult.

      That said, if you need a large quantity of a given non-stock length, we can do it.

    • I know the term for opening a PayPal dispute is 45 days, and it’s running out soon. I won’t mind if you open a dispute — I understand it’s the only way to extend the buyer protection while we work to fulfill your order. But, once you receive your kit and are happy with it, please close it. 🙂

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