eShapeoko Kits Update

We have one-third of the kits packed and almost ready to go — they need just the leadscrews added to the boxes.  They’ll be booked for collection by the couriers on Tuesday or Wednesday.

We’ve made good progress with the remaining kits too: all small parts are packed, and some of the rail is inspected; we’ll keep going during the week, with the hope of finishing by the end of the week.

We’ve had problems with the bearings for the Tr 8 x 2 leadscrews.  We got dud ones from several suppliers, including two of them who had sent us good stuff in the past.  Both of those suppliers are sending more bearings, and I’ll let you know how they are as soon as they get here (one package is due in a few days, the other I don’t know yet).

11 thoughts on “eShapeoko Kits Update

  1. Thanks for the update. What about the kits without the Tr 8×2 screw but with the threaded rod? Will you ship them before you get the good bearings for the trapezoid leadscrew?

    • I agree with this. We need to finally get the kits in our homes; it’s been long enough already and I get a bit wary of promises that are later rebuked by yet another problem. You can then send the leadscrews later or we can source our own.

      • That’s not what Yannick asked. He asked about kits ordered with the M8 threaded rod, whether those were delayed too. Unfortunately, the answer is yes, we’re behind with all the kits, not just those with Tr 8 x 2 leadscrews. The bad bearings were just one annoyance on top of everything that contributed to the delay. A batch of V-wheel bearings were bad too, but we got good ones last week, so that’s sorted.

        About one third of the orders are packed and just need to be booked with the couriers, and we’re working hard to get the others done by the end of the week.

        You are still covered by the PayPal buyer’s protection, and if you feel uneasy about it expiring before you actually get your kit, please open a dispute a day or two before the 45 days run out — I won’t mind, as long as you close the dispute once you get your kit and are happy with it.

          • Have the same problem that Philip has. Nearly at the 45 day time limit set by Paypal so opened a dispute on my five orders and four of them came back from Amber Spyglass as order cancelled.

            What is going on?

          • Sorry about that — that’s just the store software being dumb, as I explained to Philip. Your orders are good, and I’ll reinstate them in the store as soon as I get a chance.

          • That’s an automatic reaction of the store software — it thinks the payment failed, and cancels the order. Sorry about that. Your order is still good, and I’ll fix it in the store soon.

    • We’re packing them in the order in which they have been bought. There’s still work to do for the remaining two-thirds of the kits, regardless of leadscrew type. The kits with M8 threaded rods will go out as soon as they’re packed — I don’t want anyone to have to wait more than necessary.

    • Usually, somewhere in between: it means I paid for shipping, stuck the label on it, and the courier is scheduled to collect it. Yours was collected earlier today. I’ll email tracking numbers this weekend.

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