eShapeoko Kits Update

One-third of the kits were shipped last week.

The other two-thirds are nearly done: the rail is checked and packed, the leadscrews are assembled, and all other parts are picked and in their boxes (including everything ordered besides the kit itself*). They still need some protective packaging around the more delicate items, the boxes need to be taped shut and strapped to the packs of MakerSlide, and I need generate shipping labels.  I want all of them to leave by Wednesday.

I did not have a chance to read email (let alone respond) over the weekend; I’ll catch up Monday night.

* Except the Arduino Uno boards — those aren’t in the boxes yet.

8 thoughts on “eShapeoko Kits Update

  1. I realise you’re super-busy right now, but any (rough) idea when “eShapeoko Mechanical Kit with Open Ends” might become orderable again?

    • This is a very rough estimate, but I’m pretty sure MakerSlide is the long lead time item. I don’t have an ETA for that, but judging by the last batch, it’s going to be about four weeks.

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