eShapeoko Kits Update

Finally, all the eShapeoko kits are done!

They are all packed and have the shipping labels on.  They are sitting patiently all over my living room, waiting for UPS and ParcelForce to collect them.  ParcelForce will collect UK orders tomorrow and delivered them on Friday before noon.  UPS is scheduled to collect all international orders today.  I think all of them should arrive next week (although a few may arrive on Friday — UPS is particularly fast to Netherlands, Belgium and France).  I have already emailed everyone their UPS tracking numbers; ParcelForce do not give me tracking numbers until they actually collect the packages, but I’ve emailed a link that can be used for tracking.

Update: UPS collected their packages not long ago.

Update: ParcelForce collected their packages today (Thursday), and UPS collected the one remaining parcel too.

10 thoughts on “eShapeoko Kits Update

    • The shop is open.

      As we inspected lots of MakerSlide to fill pending orders, I found that my estimated defect rate was pessimistic, so I adjusted the stock: there are a few 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m lengths in stock.

      If you mean the eShapeoko kits, I’m waiting for the new batch of MakerSlide. I gave the order a while ago, so I should hear any day now that the extruded and anodized rail arrived at the fabricator, ready to be cut.

  1. Received kit, very happy with service. Do appreciate that components can be faulty or deadlines cannot be kept.

    Excellent service, upgraded kits could do with a little more documentation and item lists.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you for the kind words.

      I forgot to include the printed list of parts in about two-thirds of the kits, and the upgrades aren’t fully documented yet. The “deluxe frame” is the trickiest bit, and that has usable documentation now; still working on the rest.

    • A large kit (1000×1500, about 15 kg) costs £57 to USA. A small one (500×500, about 7 kg) costs about £41 to ship. Also, you don’t pay VAT, so you save about 17% off the prices shown in the store (which include VAT). If you are asking about shipping for other items, just put them in the basket and try to check out. At step 2, it asks you to enter your address: do so, hit Update Basket, and that should update the shipping options. Just pick the cheapest one (but note that Royal Mail, when shown, is regular post, untracked).

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