GAUPS Back in Stock

GAUPS 1.0 stepper shield assembledGAUPS 1.0 kits are back in stock, including the version with 50 V capacitors.

GAUPS stands for GRBL-compatible Arduino Uno-compatible Pololu-compatible Shield. The standard version has 35 V capacitors and is recommended for supplies up to 30 V; the version with 50 V capacitors can be used up to 40 V (subject to the voltage rating of the driver modules).

If you do not intend to use power supplies with voltages above 30 V, I recommend the standard version, because its capacitors have double the value (47 µF compared to 22 µF), so your drivers will be even better protected against supply voltage spikes caused by LC ringing.

(The form to reserve your eShapeoko kit is here.)

2 thoughts on “GAUPS Back in Stock

  1. This is great news!

    Can you give a breif explaination as to why a higher voltage is preferable? I have a 36v supply which I may use with some stepstick drivers!


    • The higher voltage — if your drivers support it! — helps the drivers overcome the impedance of the motor windings and reach the prescribed current more quickly. This translates into a higher maximum speed, and more torque at medium and high speed. Holding torque and low-speed torque aren’t affected.

      On the downside, when used with low-impedance motors, it makes it more difficult to regulate the motor current to low values, so microstepping may become less accurate.

      But if you want all the oomph you can squeeze out of your motors, a higher voltage supply helps.

      Note that most StepStick drivers are based on A4988; while they’re rated for 35 V, it’s a bad idea to supply them with more than 30 V (even a brief voltage spike can destroy them).

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