MakerSlide and eShapeoko kits

The factory have finished cutting the MakerSlide, and last I heard they were trying to get it collected by the transport company on Friday, so that it would arrive next week at some point.  However, they did not get back to me to tell me whether it was collected or not — and they are closed the entire next week.  I guess it’ll have to be be a surprise…

The laser-cut parts for the eShapeoko have not arrived from the fabricator yet, either.  They’ve been very busy, but they say they’re working on them, so they should arrive in a few more days.

All other parts are here.

These need to happen before we can ship the eShapeoko kits:

  • MakerSlide needs to be delivered to us.
  • Laser-cut parts must arrive.
  • We need to pack the kits.

We are already working on packing the small bits, so it’ll be just the plates and the MakerSlide.  After both MakerSlide and the laser-cut parts arrive, we’ll put the kits back in the store, and I’ll email everyone who has reserved a kit to invite them to order their machine.  As I said, there is no obligation: even if you reserved a certain configuration, you can order a different one, or nothing at all.  However, a confirmed reservation guarantees that, if you place the order and pay for it, you’ll get a kit in this batch, and puts you in the queue ahead of orders without reservations, or with reservations made after yours.  I estimate that, from the time we put the eShapeoko kits back on sale, it will take us about three weeks to pack and ship all the kits reserved so far.

You can still reserve your eShapeoko kit here.

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