eShapeoko Kits and Moving House

I have just invited the first few people who reserved eShapeoko kits to order them.

Everyone who reserved one will receive this invitation eventually, but I decided to stagger them, because it makes my life easier to have a manageable number of open orders at a given time. It will take us a good few weeks to pack and deliver all the reserved kits. This change won’t add anything to the delay.

You can continue to reserve eShapeoko kits here, and I’ll add those to the end of the queue. (Which reminds me, I still have to send a bunch of confirmations.)

In other news, we are moving house by the end of the month. We’ll have more space for this, I’ll have a workshop in a comfortable, heated garage, I’ll save a lot of time driving the kids to and from school (it’ll be a five-minute walk instead), and everything will be easier — eventually. Unfortunately, a house move is time-consuming, and we’ll have to do it without me taking time off from my day job. Wish me luck.


The first order is in.

Also, forgot this: I wrote a guide with what’s needed for a complete machine.

3 thoughts on “eShapeoko Kits and Moving House

  1. Regarding the guide: nice document! I am very satisfied with my Milwaukee DG30-E spindle. It comes with a 6-mm collet, some others are available as an option, eg 1/8in or 8mm.

  2. Well, I bought what I found! I did choose not to buy it online; and at my local dealer (BHV in Paris) only this brand had something in my budget suitable for a spindle. I got it at around €180 IIRC, and I think there was also a Bosch model at around €300, but no Makita.

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