eShapeoko Kits, Moving House and NEMA 23 Motors

We’re moving tomorrow.  Yay!

We may be without DSL for a while.  BT messed up my move order (“the system” had mysteriously cancelled it, and they had to start over, but, by then, of course a technician was no longer available on the date I needed).  Boo!

I got a mobile broadband/WiFi access point to tide us over.  I tested it today, and it actually works very nicely.  Yay!

I divided the reservations of eShapeoko kits into four lots.  First lot left earlier this week.  At the same time, I invited people to place orders for the second lot, which will ship around the end of next week.  Then I will invite the third lot to place their orders, and the fourth and final lot a week later.  After that, the kits will be available in the store, with very little lead time.

So all is good, except we hit a small snag: we ran out of NEMA 23 motors.  I was expecting this, so I had ordered a new lot a while ago, but they’re not ready yet.  They are a special order item with a fairly long lead time, because I wanted to get a specific current rating and impedance that, while not optimal for large drivers, are a perfect match for Pololu driver modules (also gShield/grblShield, TinyG, SmoothieBoard etc).  I expect the shipping notification any day now.  If you have reserved a kit and were planning to buy NEMA 23 motors from us, hang in there — you won’t lose your place in the queue if you don’t order immediately.  If you’ve already ordered but want to add items to your kit, please contact us (or just go ahead and place another order, and we’ll refund the extra shipping).

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