eShapeoko Kits, Moving House, and NEMA 23 Motors

We got the keys to our new house yesterday.  There’s still some clean up to do in the garage before I can use it, but other than that it’s fine, and we’re moving our stuff over the next few days.

NEMA 23 motors are on their way, got a tracking number and all; should be here early next week.

And now for the bad news: I messed up almost the entire first lot of orders.  I made a mistake while creating the packing spreadsheet, and got all orders jumbled up.  In effect, we packed the correct kits, but sent them to the wrong people.  I worked out what happened, who got what, what parts we needed to send out so that everyone could build the machine they ordered, and emailed everyone to let them know.  (A few of you need to respond to that email, because I asked you to make a choice.)  We’ll send the bits as soon as we can.

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