I had a terrible week, and I neglected my duties.

  • Unanswered email: knee-deep. Will go through it later tonight and tomorrow morning.
  • eShapeoko kit corrections: rail packed, small bits picked but not packed for shipping. Need to put them in boxes and padded envelopes, tape them to the rail packs, weigh the packages, and generate shipping labels. Doing that now.
  • Non-eShapeoko orders: I have a few orders (with MakerSlide) that are more than a week old that need to be shipped out. Again, the rail is packed and the other parts picked, and I’m doing them tonight.
  • eShapeoko orders: will work on those next (tomorrow); I would like to have them collected by the couriers by mid-week. Sorry for taking so long.
  • Reserved eShapeoko kits: I’ll invite another set of people to order their kits once these are packed. Thank you for your patience.

The only good news is that I managed to move almost all MakerSlide (except the 2 m lengths) to the new address, so things should go much smoother in the future.

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