The factory have extruded more MakerSlide, so the lengths missing from the store will be back as soon as they cut it and ship it to me.

I have resumed inviting people who have reserved eShapeoko kits to place their orders. I will confirm all other reservations soon (working on it), and give you an updated estimate of when you’ll be able to order.

I have shipped all outstanding non-eShapeoko orders as of Thursday, so we’re up to date on that too.


I just sent the confirmation emails for all outstanding reservations. If you made a reservation and haven’t received an email yet, please let me know. Google (Gmail) occasionally swallows my emails with no explanation.

9 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Hi i did reserve an eShapeoko earlier but have not recived any confirmation email. I am a gmail user tho. Is there any way to get a new confirmation?

    • Only my confirmation email from me to you would have been discarded by Gmail, but I have no record at all of a reservation using your email address. Please make another reservation, and, if you remember it, put the approximate date you made the first reservation in the comment field. I’ll move you to the right spot in the queue.

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