Bug in eShapeoko Kit Reservation Form

If you reserved a kit and used certain non-English characters in the Name field, your reservation may have been lost.  Letters with umlauts seem to be fine, the letter Ø definitely causes problems.  I found a workaround, so it works now, but I’m afraid there’s no way to find and resurrect the lost reservations.  I’m not sure where the bug is, in WordPress or somewhere in the email system.

I sent confirmation emails for all reservations made on or before 7 November.  If you made a reservation before that date, and have not yet received a confirmation email, please do it again.  Please note in the comments that it’s a duplicate, and the approximate date of the first reservation, so that I can insert it at the right place in the queue.

2 thoughts on “Bug in eShapeoko Kit Reservation Form

  1. On 10th November I thought I had reserved a kit Can you please confirm that there is a kit reserved in my name and when it is likely to be converted into an order and what the delivery time is likely to be.



    • Yes, it’s reserved. There’s another lot of orders in the queue ahead of you, so it’s probably going to be two weeks before you receive the invitation. I’m doing my best to get everyone’s orders in and machines out as soon as possible, so it may be a little sooner than that.

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