eShapeoko and MakerSlide Update

We’re working to pack existing eShapeoko orders, which is going slower than hoped.

The store is pretty barren of MakerSlide — again…  There’s extruded rail at the fabricator, waiting to be cut, so we’ll restock in January.

We now have 6 mm and 9 mm wide GT2 belt in the store, as well as pulleys:

  • Pulleys for 6 mmGT2 belt:
    • 20 teeth, 5 mm bore;
    • 20 teeth, 6.35 mm (0.25″) bore;
    • 20 teeth, 8 mm bore;
    • 16 teeth, 5 mm bore.
  • Pulleys for 9 mmGT2 belt:
    • 20 teeth, 5 mm bore;
    • 20 teeth, 6.35 mm (0.25″) bore.

I have designed a 9 mm belt upgrade for the eShapeoko.  The laser-cut parts have arrived, but I’m still waiting for the wider belt idler wheels.  Photos and more details later.

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