We’re running out of GAUPS shields. I took advantage of this and I updated the design. It is now compatible with the Arduino R3 pinout: it takes power for the digital side from IOREF, not from the 5 V pin. For older Arduinos or shields, there are solder bridges on the back of the board to configure it for either 5 volts or 3.3 volts. The IOREF solder bridge (the default choice) is shorted by a cuttable trace.

The fourth driver can still be used as its own axis, or as a second driver on the Y axis. However, I have replaced the header and the two jumpers with solder bridges, pre-wired for dual-Y operation. To get a separate fourth axis, cut the DY traces and bridge the A pads.The savings from not including a header and a pair of jumpers that 95% of the users don’t need almost exactly offsets the cost of the R3 Arduino headers (four additional pins total).


3 thoughts on “GAUPS 1.1

  1. Is there any updates on the Nema 23 steppers?
    Also, I expressed interest in reserving a kit earlier in the week, but have changed my mind on a few options, is it better to wait for invitation to buy or submit another reservation request?
    Cheers, Andrew

    • Yes, see new post — we expect them on Thursday.

      Don’t worry about changing the configuration. You can order any configuration you like when you get your invitation email.

  2. Hi Catalin,

    I’ve a question about the new GAUPS 1.1.
    I can only see the GAUPS 1.0 in the store and i would like to know if the new one is avaible and if not, when would it be?



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