eShapeoko Update

Long story short, the 20×40 extrusion did not arrive on time, but, after a very long night, we managed to pack most eShapeoko kits and get them ready for the couriers. I have arranged for someone to be there for the couriers to collect the packages.

If you ordered a size smaller than 1000×1500, your kit is ready and will be collected by UPS, TNT or ParcelForce on Tuesday. I’ll email all of you tracking numbers soon.

If you ordered 1000×1500, I managed to pack only some of those before we had to leave for the airport.

I have just updated the status of the orders in the store. If you got email and your order status is now Complete, your kit will ship on Tuesday. If your order is still Processing, then we’ll ship your kit after we return in two weeks. I’ll email the few people affected to let them know, and to apologize.

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