Standard MakerSlide carriage plate

I ran out of MakerSlide carriage plates (both standard size and the small square ones), so I need to order more. I want to update the design, though. For one, they need a hole large enough to take a 3/8″ tripod screw, which would come in handy for the camera sliders.

Any other ideas?

Here are the current versions:

4 thoughts on “Standard MakerSlide carriage plate

  1. It’s not really related to these plates. But the carriage plates used in eShapeoko should have one more hole in place where X rail is attached to them. So one can easily run wires between two Y motors together thru the gantry makerslide. That would result in cleaner wiring.

      • Also it would be cool to have some dragchain mounting solution… Idealy directly on the carriage plate…

        Another improvement to plates can be some easy solution to shield rails, v-wheels, and leadscrews from debris…

        BTW i’ve been thinking about why Z axis is so short… it seems it would only take larger motor plate, longer makerslide and longer leadscrew to upgrade… Is there reason why shapeoko does not have eg. 20cm working length on Z instead of 9.5cm that it cames with by default? I understand that there are huge concerns about rigidity. But i guess 5-10 cm is quite doable. I am probably going to mount the wasteboard on the bottom of shapeoko frame instead of on top of it… That might give me some more space to maneuveur…

        • Rigidity is the main reason why the Z is short. Even 50 mm make a huge difference (to the worse), so I’m not doing it. If rigidity does not matter much to you (e.g. milling foam), you can easily replace the Z axis with a longer one, but I’m quite sure that most users are better off with the Z axis as it is.

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