EShapeoko 1.4 Assembly: Prep Work

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Check the metal plates for burrs, droplets of metal, or spalsh marks. Scrape them off if possible, or file them off if necessary.


Tap all the following holes M5 × 0.8 mm (standard M5 thread):

  • Both holes at each end of each piece of MakerSlide, except the Z rail, which needs only the holes at one end tapped. Brush chips away and wipe the rail clean, to prevent damage to the V-wheels.
  • In the three belt tensioners in Pack 11, the hole that's not part of a pair. For alternate motor and belt placements, you may need to tap all three holes in each tensioner.
  • The two holes on either side of the central hole of the Z motor mount plate in Pack 10.

(TO DO: add images for LBT1 and LZP2/LZP3 holes.)


Mark the side of each eccentric spacer that is nearest to the hole. Colour it with a permanent marker or with a tiny dab of paint. The wheel will be offset in the marked direction.


Holes for bolting the two X MakerSlide pieces together (500 mm length shown)

Drill the X MakerSlide for the screws that hold the two rails together.

Lay the MakerSlide flat, Vs up, and drill 3 mm (or slightly larger) holes into the bottom of the T-slot, through the core. The slot has a fine groove on the bottom to help center the drill bit. The positioning of the holes along the MakerSlide is not critical. Drill both X pieces of MakerSlide the same way.

Depending on the length of the X MakerSlide, drill as follows:

  • 375 mm: drill two holes every 125 mm;
  • 500 mm: drill three holes every 125 mm;
  • 750 mm: drill four holes every 150 mm;
  • 1000 mm: drill six holes every 143 mm.

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