EShapeoko 1.4 Assembly: X Rail

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During this step, you will bolt the two pieces of X rail together. This makes the gantry stronger, with better resistance to torsion around the X axis.

You should have prepped the X MakerSlide by drilling holes in it. You will also need the contents of Pack 5.

Bolting the two X rails together (500 mm rail shown)
Item Part Number Part Description Part Count (by X size)
375 mm 500 mm 750 mm 1000 mm
1 EM-R-375 375 mm MakerSlide 2
EM-R-500 500 mm MakerSlide 2
EM-R-750 750 mm MakerSlide 2
EM-R-1000 1000 mm MakerSlide 2
2 EM-S3-20 M3 20mm cap screw 4 6 8 12
3 EM-W3 M3 washer 4 6 8 12
4 EM-N3TI M3 T-slot insertion nut 4 6 8 12

Put a washer on each screw, put the screws through the drilled holes (screw heads on the side with the Vs), and thread a T-slot nut on each screw (one turn, just enough that they don't fall off). Hold both pieces of MakerSlide vertically, one with the Vs facing you and the single slot to the left, the other one with the Vs facing away from you and the single slot to your right. Lift one up, locate them back-to-back, and slide the nuts on each rail into the slot of the opposite rail. Align them very carefully and tighten the screws.

It is important that the rails are aligned accurately! Spend some time now to get it right, and avoid problems later.

You should now have a square 40 mm x 40 mm profile, with Vs on all four corners.

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