EShapeoko 1.4 Assembly: Z Leadscrew

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Preliminary instructions

(TO DO: illustrations, table of parts.)

You need some of the parts in Pack 9 and the motor plate from Pack 10, with two holes tapped M5. You also need the leadscrew and the lead nut.

Identify the one smaller washer in Pack 8, and set it aside. That's part W5D; the other washers are part W5.

Using the two 8 mm M5 screws (S5-8, shortest in the pack) with one washer (W5) each, attach the bearing block (G8K) to the motor plate (LZP2 or LZP3).

Thread the lead nut (MLN1 or MLN) about half way on the screw (MLS1 or S8-150R).

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