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I made a time-lapse movie of the assembly process (up until the point where the Z bearing did not fit the Z mount plate, so I called it a day), but I’m having some technical difficulties with that.  So here are some photos of the finished machine instead.

2 thoughts on “Build Photos

  1. Looking great!

    Could you please tell me the outer dimensions of the eShapeOko (width, length, height incl mounted Motors and everything) so that i can start building my MDF base-plate while waiting for my kit to ship 😉

  2. Thank you!

    The recommended minimum size for the waste board is 550mm x 420mm, but the machine extends beyond that. As little as 510mm x 360mm will work, in a pinch, if you put the brackets on the inside. When not operating, with the gantry somewhere in the middle and the Z axis lowered, the machine fits in a box about 570mm x 520mm x 360mm. When operating, it needs a little more space, about 610mm x 520mm x 460mm as a bare minimum. This is measured on my machine with NEMA17 motors 48mm long, with the standard belt configuration. Alternate belt configurations on X may add 20..30mm to the length.

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