Toothed Belt Pulleys Tantalizingly Close

I think I’ve got my mitts on enough toothed pulleys to complete the second and third batch (so that’s all orders already placed so far, plus a few more).  I won’t know for sure until Friday, when they are supposed to be delivered.  That would be great news.  They are all re-bored from 0.188″ (4.78 mm) to 5 mm, courtesy of the very helpful people at Davall Stock Gears.  They found a machinist and solved this problem for me when their supplier, Stock Drive Products, could not.

The re-bored pulleys have imperial set screws (6-32) with 1/16″ hex sockets.  We bought 1/16″ Allen keys to include in each kit, to save you from hunting around for imperial-size tools.

Those with orders in the second batch already know this: I made an embarrassing mistake.  I wrongly thought that we had all the flexible couplers we needed, but, in fact, they had never arrived (lost on their way from Hong Kong, I assume; why I thought they had arrived I have no idea).  When I realized that, we ordered replacements.  They arrived today, and they are the same good quality, so that’s one more problem sorted.

If you’ve followed Harry Raley’s Ulule updates, you know that MakerSlide was scheduled to be delivered to him this afternoon.  As I was typing this, he confirmed that it has indeed arrived and that it is, I quote, “awesome”!

So all looks set for orders in batch two to ship next week.

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