Quick News on Batch Four

The last two items for Batch Four just fell into place: the UPS man just delivered the T-slot insertion nuts, and Harry called to tell me that the extrusion is ready and will be delivered tomorrow or day after.  This means that Batch Four kits (orders placed until the 30th of January) will ship early next week.

2 thoughts on “Quick News on Batch Four

    • All those orders (Batch Five) are waiting for the custom laser-cut stainless steel parts, which are being fabricated now and should be ready in at most two weeks, as well as the MakerSlide, which is done but not delivered yet. I’m pretty sure we have everything else for them to hand, and once Batch Four (orders up to 30 Jan) is shipped and out of the way, we’ll get on to packing the small bits of Batch Five. They should ship out before the end of March, as promised.

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