Batch Four and Five Update, and Other Orders

There’s been a snag with the delivery of MakerSlide. Harry is sorting it out, but it means I won’t receive it until later this week, instead of last week. Batch Four has been waiting only for the MakerSlide, so it will ship early next week.

A few things still need to arrive for Batch Five: MakerSlide (see above), laser-cut parts (due this week), bearings (half of them in stock, balance due by the end of next week), machined spindle mounts (on the 28th of March). We haven’t packed anything for Batch Five yet, but I’m preparing my little helpers for a few long nights.

NEMA23 motors are finally on their way to us from the factory, and should be here this week.

Lastly, I dropped the ball quite egregiously with the store orders. I haven’t posted anything ordered last week yet. I apologize. I’m packing them tonight, and I’ll post them tomorrow morning.

7 thoughts on “Batch Four and Five Update, and Other Orders

  1. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Even if it is just informing on delays, it it nice to know things are happening.
    I had a thought about the store, would it be worth adding to the eShapeoko mechanical kit listing which batch an order is in? Or does that open a whole new can of digital worms?
    Kind Regards

    • We’re trying to move past the “batch” system, because it’s annoying. However, with the long lead times for some of the parts, and cautious decisions about how many to order for each batch, the kits have always sold out before all the parts arrived. Batch Five, however, is larger than the previous four combined. Although half of them are sold already, it’s likely the kit will become a stock item beginning April.

      • Kinda off topic, will you sell the eShapeoko mechanical kit, but completely without Makerslide?
        I was speaking to some friends at work who are interested in getting their own eShapeoko, but would want a larger system from the get go and were curious if it were possible to customise the kit in that way?
        Thought I’ld run it by you just in case.
        Also, would you be setting up your own forum?

        Kind Regards

  2. I’ve left you an e-mail but no reply yet, Ordered a stepper shield kit on march 3 and the order is still processing. I would really appreciate it if it is posted soon (or at least an update about what’s going on) as i’m pretty much in need of the machine now.

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