The Lasers Are Lasing

Our friendly neighbourhood people with light amplifiers by stimulated emission of radiation under computer numerical control have begun vaporizing stainless steel around what’s going to become eShapeOko plates.  A wondrous device that mixes pulverized extracts of remains of dinosaurs, transformed by tremendous pressure and heat over hundreds of millions of years, with filtered atmospheric air, and explodes as many as five thousand batches of this mixture every minute, harnessing the chemical potential energy of the dead animals first by converting it to heat, then to mechanical energy in the form of linear motion, then circular motion, and then back to linear motion, will convey them to us sometime next week.

Mini-carriage plate for MakerSlideIn addition to the eShapeOko plates, there are a few new items: standard MakerSlide carriage plates (OK, that one’s not new), a smaller, square MakerSlide carriage plate (right), motor brackets (almost identical to the ORD Bot Z axis motor brackets), and three types of belt anchors. These are for the camera slider and for your own MakerSlide-based designs.

Plus the surprise I’m still not revealing yet.

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