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I’m finally back in the UK after more than two weeks away.  We’re shipping orders more or less in the order we got them.  We’re also packing eShapeOko kits, but they won’t be done until the end of the week.  I’m still very busy with my day job and other stuff, so we probably won’t catch up completely until next week, but I think we can get all the small orders out this week.  We’re blessed with very patient and understanding customers, but we don’t want to take advantage of that patience and understanding more than it’s necessary.

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  1. You’re right, we are the best customers! 😉

    Itching to get my CNC built, so I can get my R2D2 built! 😀 Thankfully, got plenty of other projects that need my attention for now, so the delay is doing me a favour really.

  2. I’m dreaming, but I would be extremely grateful to you if I could receive my machine before september 8, so that I would be able to show it up at our yearly local associations gathering in my city. We’ll be representing our local amateur radio club, and that would be awesome to show an eye-catching, nice sounds making, CNC under development. I would try to mill PCBs in front of everyone, including the city mayor (probaly) and grant-distributing officials.
    I have everything else including the conical bit, so I hope I’m not too far in the order queue. 🙂

    • Sorry, two weeks of unexpected travel screwed up my plans big time. I’ll try not to do it again…

      I sent f4grx’s machine out of order because I knew he had a deadline, and I happened to have a kit of the same configuration left over from someone who had changed their mind and upgraded to a bigger machine. It may seem unfair to everyone else, but I had the kit packed and ready to go and he was the first order with that exact configuration.

      If you give me a little more detail about the person this was a present for, I can include a “sorry I’m late” card in the box (it’s best to email me, though).

  3. Hi Catalin, I have three orders pending from 12 Aug, do you have an ETA for them? I kind of want to get one project going and I am in need of some makerslide …

  4. Hi,

    i just wanted to check my order status. I have ordered on the 9th and expected a shipment last week. So far no shipping confirmation. I have read now that you working on it and you will catch up orders this week.

    Your Shop-Homepage is down, please bring it back online soon. It gives me a bad feeling 😐

    Best Regards

      • Sorry about the page being down, that’s Bluehost acting up again. They’ve been down a lot lately. The only thing I can do is switch hosts, but I really don’t have the time right now.

        My wife and I are hard at work counting and packing little bits. A few kits are complete, and we should get to yours very soon.

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