Power Supplies

I just got a delivery of power supplies (the same nice LiteOn 24 V 5 A units we’ve had before — I managed to locate them at a decent price after all).  They came without power cords, so I’ll have to find some of those too.

I also got a sample of Mean Well cage-type power supplies, and some cheaper units (but still reasonably well made).  As soon as I have a chance (so not for another week), I’ll evaluate them, and if I’m happy with them, I’ll order a decent quantity for the store.

Many have asked about a “full kit”: everything one needs to build and run the machine, in one box.  Because we offer a lot of flexibility in configuring the kit (size, motor mounts, spacer type, single/dual X etc.), inventory management is a nightmare.  There can’t be a full kit until that is solved.  It’s the very next thing on my list, after catching up with the outstanding orders.

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