130807 and 130808 orders

All but three of the orders beginning 130807 and 130808 are now packed and ready to go.  I am updating order status and generating shipping labels for them now.  They’ll be picked up by the couriers tomorrow (Thursday).

The three orders still to be packed are the ones with 1400 mm Y axis.  I’ll pack those tomorrow, along with as many of the 130809-to-130815 as I can.

3 thoughts on “130807 and 130808 orders

  1. Woo, got my shipping notification! 🙂

    Just a quick question, are they on next day delivery or longer, and any tracking numbers? I’m out tomorrow and would be gutted if I missed it.

    I should really be patient and see if it turns up today, but getting too excited. Thanks for the transparent updates on all this btw. Good communication is a rarity with companies these days.

    • Wahay! A nice big parcel just turned up for me.

      I will be unpacking and blogging about it this evening. Unfortunately I don’t finish work for another 5 hours! Oh the suspense!

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